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The Tropical Smokey Tutorial

What’s more fun than playing with makeup with one of South Florida’s (maybe even the U.S.) most talented stylists? Not much, in my book. Last week I had the chance to sample some of Revlon’s new products, among them their Colorstay eye shadow palette in “Inspired”, which, frankly didn’t inspire much other than fear for the sheer fact that I just don’t know what to do with blue eye shadow without looking like my mother circa 1982.

Enter Lutz. Lutz is one of those people I’m always in awe of having on my list of contacts. He’s the kind of artist who can literally pluck two hairs from your brows and suddenly make them look like they belong in a beauty editorial (I’m not exaggerating. I’ve lived through this.). If there were such a thing as the Esthetics Olympics, he’d be your Michael Phelps. So he’s the first (and only) one I called when I needed help figuring this out. What resulted is something I think we decided to call the tropical smokey because it felt like you shouldn’t be doing anything less than salsa dancing in some really amazing shoes while wearing blue glitter mascara on your lashes.

Below, I give you our step-by-step process, which should work just fine with other colors as long as you apply the basic principles of shading and highlighting. It was easier to achieve than I would have thought and all you really need are some basics. So get to it and let me know how it goes. By the way, am I the only one who feels this way about blue eye shadow?

The tools: A quad shadow palette (or four similar complementary tones), two trusty brushes for blending, applying, and highlighting (he really only used two!), a primer (we used Revlon’s), an angle brush for lining, a volumizing mascara, and a color/glitter mascara for that extra sparkle.

  • Before you start: Prime! Be sure to apply primer evenly over your lid to ensure a good canvas that will make those colors stay – and pop. Also, if necessary, fill in those brows with a pencil closest to your natural hair color.
  • Step 1: Apply the lightest cream shade all over you lid.
  • Step 2: Apply light green on half the lid and into the crease. Also line your eye a bit with the green. Use a little in the inner corner of your eyes to highlight with some color.
  • Step 3: Contour go around your eye with that darker blue (dry brush, no water yet).
  • Step 4: Wet that angle brush and use the dark blue shade as a liner.
  • Step 5: Lightly add some blue to the crease to play up the color.
  • Step 6: Apply a coat of black to your top and bottom lashes (lightly on the bottom) and follow with color and/or glitter for the bottom for a fun, flirty look.

Some notes: These shadows had great, build-able pigment. Use a light touch for a subtle look and apply by layering for more pop. You can also dip your brush in a little water for a more dramatic effect (which works with an angle brush to turn the darker shade into liner). For color and/or glitter mascara, apply your basic mascara first and then just dab the glitter/color on top of that, rather thanswiping. That prevents the glitter from sliding off your lashes. We also used Makeup For Ever HD Powder around the eye for that halo highlighting effect.

Thanks so much to Lutz Karpf for lending his time and talent to my exploration in makeup. 

Revlon Expression Experiment

This post brought to you by Revlon. All opinions are 100% mine.

When I think of Revlon, it takes me back to my childhood when I’d raid my mother’s makeup kit and pull out that bright red lipstick she wore everywhere (work, dinner, grocery shopping) to practice carefully putting it on my four-year-old self and then wiping it off, thinking she wouldn’t notice. It’s been a while since then – longer than I’d care to admit – but  the feeling is still the same. There’s always that little bit of excitement when I walk by their makeup line, like we’re sharing some innocent little secret we both know she was aware of.

When Revlon recently offered up the chance to take part in their Expression Experiment Challenge, where they’re encouraging women to break out of their regular makeup routines and try out new, bolder colors, my inner child did a little happy dance. I received a kit containing their Colorstay nail polish and eye shadow, Photoready Eye Primer + Brightener and Perfecting Primer, a Cherry Tart Lip Butter, and that iconic Fire & Ice Lustrous Lipstick, all of which I managed to use during my recent staycation.

The results of the experiment are pictured below, but I have to confess I haven’t had this much fun playing with makeup since my toddler days. I mean, sure, I play with makeup regularly, but it’s not every day you get to paint your toes with blue nail polish for the sake of “science.”

I’m really glad I was given the chance to take this on. It pushed me out of my comfort zone, which is something I feel we women rarely do once we’ve figured out our makeup routine. I encourage you to take on the challenge yourself and post your own pics. I’d love to see what kinds of looks you come up with. Leave me a comment and let me know how it goes. Check out the Revlon Expression Experiment Facebook app for details on how to get started.

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Miami Staycation: The Forge

The last time I visited The Forge, I could barely afford a glass of champagne and was really only there because a friend dragged me out. The WMC was going on and there were a lot of people whom I suspect were not only sipping champagne. Five years later, it’s probably still a stretch to make it a regular spot, but I’m a savvier shopper thanks to resources like Gilt City.

Thanks to my coupon-clipping ways I was able to surprise my husband during our staycation (yep – still debating that one) with a romantic dinner at the renovated Forge, one that looks nothing at all like that dark little eatery with the speakeasy that led to the club next door (you know the one). It’s polished, sexy, and refreshed, which can also be said for its food, prepared by Chef Dewey LoSasso. But what really made an impression was the enomatic wine bar, a new, interactive wine-by-the-glass self-serve feature truly designed for oenophiles and novices alike. Think of it as a soda fountain for grown-ups.

And if that doesn’t float your flute, then check out the 80’s inspired nudie wall mural in the ladies room. Or the mirror-backed chairs outside. Or even the sultry red lighting that’s more than adequately suitable for all sorts of Michael Jackson stage presence impressions (see MJ-impersonating husband below). You can try it all out for yourself during Miami Spice, beginning August 1st.

P.S. Please feel free to send in any MJ-impersonating husband pics. I like to think that I’m not alone.

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