Monthly Archives: July 2010

Life, Liberty and Cupcakes

Red, White & Blue Cupcake by Sweetness Bake Shop & CafeSitting on the couch, having a cupcake in my pj’s and watching Romeo sleep while Tony plays video games is probably a bit indulgent, to say the least – and probably not the most patriotic thing I could be doing today – but I’m grateful for the fact that I can do it anyway. Wishing everyone a safe and happy Fourth. And a million thanks to every single man and woman who’s ever fought for the right to do all the trivial little things we take for granted. We are truly blessed.

Pinup Pride

Never having been one for convention, once I passed 25 (and stopped worrying about giving my parents a small coronary), I marked my break-ups, birthdays, and boredom all in the same way: I called J. Valentine at Terribly Girly and asked her to make this curvy Cubanita an honest-to-Bettie pin-up girl. About 8 shoots (and a whole lotta sequins) later, Miss Valentine and her team of experts (make-up artists, hair gals, and a wardrobe genius/burlesque star) have now immortalized several holidays and life-changing events for me, to include my engagement, wedding, and, most recently, my 30th birthday.

I dug up some of my favorite shots after recently receiving the ones in honor of my big 3-0. I never doubted she’d do a great job, but the woman made feather lashes work. Seriously. If you’re at all a fan of pinup art, check out her gallery of amazing work. And if you’re a girl, do yourself (and your guy) a favor and get in touch with Terribly Girly. Seriously.

B&W Pulp Pinup - Terribly Girly Pink Bridal Pinup - Terribly Girly Vintage Engagement Pic - Terribly Girly Feather Lashes - Terribly Girly