Back to School Wish List

Grown-up Back-to-School Wishlist Items for the workplace.

Now that the kids are back in school and you’ve braved the masses at every Target, Walgreens, and Office Depot, it’s time to do a little back-to-school shopping for yourself. I realize I’ve been out of school for years now and my daughter is still way too young for school supplies but the stationery junkie in me can’t help but lust after new desktop items. So here’s my wishlist with a few fun finds that should brighten your work area. Add a little wine in that mug, and mommy’s got herself a winning work station!

Details & Where to Buy (Clockwise from top):

  1. Blair Ritchey Pencil Case: This is definitely a sexier version of the Hello Kitty pouch I used to carry (and may or may not still own…).
  2. Amanda Catherine Designs Customized Pencils: You may have outgrown day-of-the-week undies but you’re never too old for these cuties.
  3. C. Wonder Monogram Mug: Just like in your grade school days, label your stuff and hope that nobody snatches it.
  4. Submarine Tea Infuser: Who doesn’t enjoy a little yellow submarine?
  5. Made by Girl Ampersand Print: For my obsession with ampersands, see here.
  6. Poppin West Village Print: Funky, bright, and a little Escher-esque. The art kids would approve.
  7. J.Crew Tartine Tote: Shown here in diamond raffia, this would’ve been the bag the popular girls would stash their pom-poms in.
  8. Trish McEvoy Makeup Planner: Sure, an actual planner would’ve been nice (and for the record, I still keep a paper one in addition to the calendar on my phone) but organizing makeup in a 3-ring binder makes the obsessive compulsive in me just squeeeee for joy.
  9. Stationery: I long for the days of handwritten notes and origami paper folding (you know you remember notes to your BFF shaped as arrows and stars).

Got any favorite stationery shops? I’d love to know. Leave me some info in the comments!



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