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Bubbles & Ink | What Your iPhone Case Says About You - iPhone 5 Cases

I’ve got a lot of love for my iPhone. Not because I feel it’s the best smart phone technology available (though it does the job for me just fine). It’s really more of a connection thing. I’m rarely seen without my phone, whether I’m working on an event or home taking care of Lucy (how else am I going to get all those embarrassing pics to blackmail her with in her teen years?). With the new iPhone 5c and 5s now temping iPhone users everywhere with an imminent upgrade, I figured I’d give my phone case an upgrade as well. Check out my favorites and where to shop after the jump.

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ban.do iPhone Case

Here’s a quickie post between loads of laundry as I fear I’ve been possessed by the ghost of Cuban Abuelas Past. While I cannot sit still for more than two minutes due to the insistent state of dissatisfaction it seems I’ll be feeling until everything’s been given a good scrub with Mistolin, I’ve taken a break to bring you something that made me audibly squeal: the ban.do iPhone case.

Known for its signature hearts and sparkly accessories, ban.do has now added this covet-able phone case to its already too-friggin-cute-for-words-type inventory.

The white plastic case runs for $25 and is designed to fit iPhone 4. You can also receive 15% off your next order by joining their mailing list.