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Bark 4 Green

Romeo would like to thank his friends at Bark 4 Green for the bag full of goodies he’s been happily digging through all afternoon. You’ve gotta love a company that has made it possible for puppy parents like Tony and I to considerably curb our carbon footprint and live a greener life by offering items like organic doggie treats and sustainable pet apparel. B4G also carries tons of pet accessories beyond food & adorable outfits, so be sure to check them out.

Check out our happy puppy and his new treats below.



Rebi’s Closet: New Monogram Necklaces

I’m a sucker for accessories. One of my favorite things to do as a little girl was to pile on all of my mother’s jewelry and strut around, adding one scarf after the other and feeling all the more fabulous with each piece. Not much has changed since then and it’s shown each time I shop at my favorite mobile boutique, Rebi’s Closet.

Aside from having a great selection of outfits for quite a few occasions, what I really tend to indulge in is her accessories collection (seriously – I end up with bag after heaping bag of accessories). These monogrammed necklaces are her newest item to lust after, with a choice between sterling silver, gold plated, rose gold plated, or just plain real gold! Check out their Facebook page for pricing and info. Can’t wait to leave my mark on one of these…



Online Shopping Seasons: A Quick Guide to Bargain Hunting

Working from home has also made me more prone to shopping from the comfort of my couch. Recently, to my benefit (and yours!), I came across this useful online shopping guide in Glamour, outlining exactly when specific items go on sale online. The advice comes from Charlie Graham of, a personal shopping service. Here’s to shopping smarter and saving some ca$h!

January: Shorts, Dress Shirts, T-shirts, and Jewelry

February: Suits & Skirts

March: Intimates, Outerwear, and Coats

April: Dress Pants

May: Sunglasses

July: Sweaters

August: Sleepwear, Belts, and Shoes

September: Jeans & Bags

October: Swimwear