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Relax Spa Miami at Pilates One

“Our skin is a direct reflection of what we put into our bodies. What we eat, what we drink, everything we consume shows up on the surface,” explains Alberto, founder of Relax Spa and my esthetician for the day, as he describes the way in which the JetPeel Hydra-Infusion facial works from deep within the skin to remove impurities and provide rejuvenating results on the surface. He likens it to pressure-cleaning for your face and I nod emphatically, immediately regretting my breakfast burrito and wondering how deep he’s going to have to dig to eliminate months of speed-mom drive-thru breakfasts.

Relax Spa at Pilates One Miami

The man sitting across from me has incredibly smooth skin. I have to think hard to try to guess his age and I’m still not entirely sure I’ve got that right. With eight years of intense study and work in the fields of medical esthetics, acupuncture, and Chinese herbal medicine, Alberto has clearly unlocked the secret to the fountain of youth, without the need for surgery, and I’m about to have a taste.

Relax Spa at Pilates One Miami

I’m admittedly a bit nervous about the idea of “injecting” serums and vitamins into my skin, but Alberto promises there will be no pain (and no needles) or irritation so I try to relax as I settle into the zen-like accommodations and let him do his work. There will be three parts to this 30-minute treatment, and though I’ve been warned that this is not your typical pampering “me-time” spa experience, I have also been assured that this is highly effective. And that’s really all a new mom (or anyone on their lunch break) can hope for.

Relax Spa JetPeel Hydra-Infusion Facial at Pilates One

The first step is lymph drainage, removing impurities from within. And though it’s all non-invasive, I begin to tighten up a bit once the pressurized nozzle begins to do it’s thing. It really does feel like someone is pressure-washing my face. But I start to relax once I realize it doesn’t hurt a bit. And other than a little bit of cold surface air, I can’t feel a thing. By step two, exfoliation, I’m breathing normally and even chatting a bit. By step three, the infusion of serums and vitamins based on your skin type and condition, I’m completely relaxed and curious to see the results.

Call me a skeptic, but as Alberto wipes my face and tells me to take a look in the mirror, I’m honestly expecting red, blotchy skin and encouraging words from a hopeful esthetician. But I’m completely wrong and surprised to see smooth, even, perfectly balanced skin – a look that’s evaded me for eight months following countless sleepless nights and too many meals under those golden arches. Alberto says nothing – he doesn’t need to. Instead he smiles and offers me a cup of tea. He knows his work speaks for itself. While he pours, my mind starts to budget for monthly treatments at $125 per visit. I’m gonna miss those breakfast burritos…

If you’re considering trying it for yourself – and I recommend at least scheduling a free consultation and getting personalized information based on your skin condition – there are some special packages offering one free treatment based on three ($375) or five ($500) advanced purchases. And considering my immediate results, I’d say it’s worth trying at least once.

Before I go, Alberto also offers some advice for maintaining healthy skin in general:

1) Drink plenty of water – hydration is key to skin’s elasticity.

2) Take vitamin C daily – 1000 mg is great. Your body will eliminate what it doesn’t need and keep the rest for healthy skin and a strong immune system.

3) Eat healthy – skip the fast-food option and try to opt for healthier snacks of fruits, veggies, and lean protein. Remember, what we eat really shows.

Pilates One Miami: tina b. miami and Relax Spa

RelaxSpa is located inside Pilates One at 2640 SW 28th Lane, Miami. While you’re there, check out some of their fun fitness classes (Barre, Power Yoga, Circuit Pilates, Boot Camp) or shop at Tina B Miami. Pretty genius. A gym/spa/boutique combo? This place feels like home.

Tina B Miami and Pilates One



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