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Luxe on a Budget


Miami is known for many things, but being budget-friendly isn’t necessarily one of them. Still, being born and raised in this city within pretty modest means will undoubtedly make you a bit of a deal hunter, like it or not. And if you’re one of the tribe that believes nice things don’t necessarily always have to be out of reach, then it’s likely you’ve figured out some of these tips for yourself. Continue reading

Meet: Gabriella Wimmer

Gabriella Wimmer | Bubbles & Ink Blog

I like Gabriella Wimmer almost immediately upon meeting her. And not just because she’s offered me a glass of champagne to kick off our time together (though that certainly doesn’t hurt). Gabriella is friendly, approachable, and chic – qualities that should be paired together more often. But, most importantly, Gabriella is a woman who radiates confidence and self-assuredness, qualities of a woman who has fulfilled her purpose. And there’s nothing more stylish than that.

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Retail Therapy

To say that I’ve had a rough week is the kind of understatement that deserves its own clever comparative metaphor that I’m simply too exhausted to originate. So rather than bore you with details of what ails me, I’ll ask you to join me in the one thing that usually helps cure my blues – retail therapy. And this time, I’m really going for it…at least in my fantasy shopping cart. I may not be able to spend a dime right now, but a girl can dream. Indulge with me and enjoy.

Btw, if you’re in the position to shop, click on these and get yourself something nice – and then tell me all about it so I can live vicariously. Xx