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Back from New York

And so I am back from New York, feeling a bit more run down than I’d anticipated, though I suspect it has less to do with the perpetual adrenaline buzz that comes with attending consecutive fashion events and more to do with my father’s relentless passion for overly-saturated tourist attractions. The old man is not quite so old at a young 57 and most literally (and to my embarrassment) strode circles around me in his sensible walking shoes (props to ya, Pops).

This trip was half business, half pleasure, and all sweaty aggravation at the tourist groups taking up 75% of the sidewalks in Manhattan with their matching t-shirts and collective disdain for deodorant. But it’s a small price to pay, and one I’d pay again willingly, to spend time with the ones you love — and bring home pounds of beauty swag from the fashion events. Let’s not forget those.

As I recover, I’ll be working on editing images from IFB Con and Lucky FABB, and the rest of my week in New York. For now, here are a couple of teasers. (I’m still in awe of having been in the presence of the incredible Anna Sui). Enjoy. 

Bing Bang on BaubleBar

This week’s BaubleBar pop-up features design darling Anna Sheffield, the CFDA-nominated jeweler with a gift for balancing tough-chic pieces that feel sophisticated and on-trend rather than junior and angst-ridden. I picked a few of my favorites below and would suggest stepping over to BaubleBar rather quickly as it seems these pieces are really striking a chord – particularly with me.

Thanks to BaubleBar for the use of these images. 

Loquita Totes

The indulgence continues – as does the therapy (see: previous post). So here’s another peek into one of my obsessions. I love a good tote bag. I may, in fact, simply have too many. But I’m not about to let that stop me. It’s only a problem if you admit it, right? In any case, healthy or not, here’s a selection of totes from Loquita for your indulgence and mine.



MMIFW ’12 Recap

Another day, another fashion week in Miami. Miami Metropolitan International Fashion Week (say that three times fast) made its debut last night at LMNT in Midtown, just a couple of months after Miami Beach International Fashion Week wrapped its shows. And while both aim to make a name for Miami in the fashion-sphere, MMIFW hopes to distinguish itself by focusing on “designers that are on the cusp” of recognition. Though that remains as yet to be seen, you can still indulge in pics from last night’s events from the perspective of my plastic wine cup. *Clink*

P.S. Did you spot the potential future Housewife?

P.P.S. Props to the student designers for strutting their stuff last night. Here’s to hoping your names become household fodder.

The Webster Shop at Target

If you’re dreading the weather this week, you can at least take solace in some retail therapy, courtesy of the people at Target that fell in love with The Webster Miami and decided to give it a permanent home in their shops – making it reasonably affordable for the rest of us to indulge in the carefully curated style that is the polished and fashion-forward Webster.

With prices ranging from $7.99 to $49.99, the Target shop captures the spirit of the Miami boutique at a fraction of the cost – sans the big designer labels, of course. The Webster at Target collection hits stores and Target.com May 6, 2012, along with items for kids, baby, women’s shoes and select styles in plus and petite being exclusive to Target.com.

Miami Fashion Bloggers Night Out

After having attended the IFB Con in New York City back in February, I came home feeling the need to find out where all the other Miami bloggers were hanging out. Well, after attending Wednesday’s Fashion Bloggers Night Out event at Neiman Marcus in the Village of Merrick Park, it’s clear that this community may be fledgling but it certainly doesn’t lack for enthusiasm.

With a panel consisting of The Fashion Poet‘s Annie Vazquez, Refinery 29‘s Karla Garcia, Miami.com‘s Maria Tettamanti, Daily Candy‘s Ginger Harris, and Next Model‘s Jenny Lopez, established and amateur bloggers alike got some insight into the efforts behind making it in this city in this covet-able light. And, of course, there was a fashion show.

I, for one, am thrilled at the possibility of a developing blogger community in Miami and am curious to see what kind of impact these established ladies, and those of us trying to figure it out, will make on this curiously transient city. For now, there are pics below and many more on the Facebook. Happy blogging. xo




P.S. A BIG THANK YOU to my BFF, Ms. YHA, for taking time to snap tons of great pics while I snagged some on my phone for my Instagram obsession. 

Miami Fashion Week 2012: Street Style

One of my favorite things about attending any fashion show is watching the people and seeing how they pull together clothing and accessories to express themselves in a way that represents who they are and how they see the world – particularly this crazy thing called fashion that we just can’t get enough of.

As anticipated, Miami Fashion Week was unlike anything else that goes on in the world of fashion events and I’m grateful to What I Wear for having allowed me the chance to capture the other side of the runway: Street Style. I met some incredibly stylish people who inspired me to jump back into my closet and re-think my image.

Though there were many to choose from, I posted some of my favorite looks below. But you can catch the full feature on What I Wear’s blog, along with a slew of other fashion shows from around the world.

If you were kind enough to let me feature you, thanks a bunch. You were an inspiration. Xo.

Note: All original images by Bubbles & Ink. 

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