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Wynwood Art

There’s really no particular reason for sharing this art with you other than it’s long overdue. And, truthfully, we could all use a little gratuitous culture on occasion. All of these images were captured during the Wynwood Art Walk, one of the best ways to indulge in free culture and deliciously tempting food trucks. The next one is coming up on March 10 from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Until then, here’s something to get you through the day. Oh, and Happy Leap Day!



A Very Studded Happy Hour

Alas we meet again on Friday, the most rewarding of all days. This week has found me in a rebellious mood. Could be my innate overwhelming repulsion towards authority. Maybe I’ve just been channeling my inner Joan Jett. Or maybe a girl just needs to feel like a badass every now and then. Whatever the reason, I’ve recently developed an obsession with punk-inspired, spiked, and studded jewelry that’s led me to scour shops and amass a collection of anything that can plausibly cause injury. If you ask me, that’s a hot characteristic in a piece of jewelry and I’ll gladly take two. If your inner vixen is in need of accessorizing, throw on some leather and knock yourself out with a few of my favorites below in today’s Happy Hour.




In this post:

1) Alexander McQueen – Twin Skull Bracelet (Crystal/Topaz)

2) Noir Jewelry – Stackable Major Spike Ring (Gold/Silver)

3) ASOS Spike Stretch Bracelet

4) Double Header Spike Bracelet

5) Adia Kibur Silver & Neon Chain Link Necklace

6) Gogo Phillip Studded Bangle

Miami Fashion Week: March 21 – 24, 2012

So…Miami Fashion Week is right around the corner and, as it turns out, I’ll be there front and center (or as far up close as a press pass buys you) to bring you the latest. I’ll be live-tweeting (@wunderland419), blogging, sharing pics on Instagram (@apalma419), updating on Facebook, and just generally having some sort of social media overdose just to be sure you’re all in the know. So stay tuned and follow me as I venture into this international fashion showcase – if I know Miami, this week will be anything but predictable. iPhone Case

Here’s a quickie post between loads of laundry as I fear I’ve been possessed by the ghost of Cuban Abuelas Past. While I cannot sit still for more than two minutes due to the insistent state of dissatisfaction it seems I’ll be feeling until everything’s been given a good scrub with Mistolin, I’ve taken a break to bring you something that made me audibly squeal: the iPhone case.

Known for its signature hearts and sparkly accessories, has now added this covet-able phone case to its already too-friggin-cute-for-words-type inventory.

The white plastic case runs for $25 and is designed to fit iPhone 4. You can also receive 15% off your next order by joining their mailing list.



Handbag Happy Hour

It’s Friday, people! And while I realize it’s hardly even lunch time, I’m of the philosophy that it’s five o’clock somewhere. You’ve worked hard, you’ve survived the week, and now you’ve earned the right to treat yourself to a little happy hour therapy. And while I’m not necessarily encouraging drinking at your desk out of your coffee mug (except if you’re in catering, in which case, by all means, pop that bottle and pour!), I do support the idea of a little well-deserved indulgence. Without further ado, I bring you Friday Happy Hour.  Every Friday, I will post something easy on the eyes (and the wallet) to celebrate the end of the week.

Today, let us delight in Handbags. Here are a few of my recent favorites, all brightly making way for spring:




In this post:

1) PS1 Neon Leather Tote

2) Upwardly Mobile Satchel in Neon Pink

3) ASOS Slot Through Portfolio Clutch

4) Upwardly Mobile Satchel in Neon Orange 15″

5) Cambridge Satchel Company Exclusive to Asos 15″ Mink Patent Batchel

6) ASOS Frosted Bowler Bag

L.A.M.B. Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

Do a girl a solid and indulge me in my obsession with all things L.A.M.B. Now in its eighth year, L.A.M.B. has evolved from a simple project Gwen started in her kitchen to the extensive collection it is today. Check out Gwen Stefani’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection as it showed at New York Fashion Week on February 11th. And as Fashion Week draws to a close today, you can relive the greatest moments via Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Images via




The Business of Fashion: IFB Con in NYC

There’s a palpable energy that courses through New York City on any given day. It’s the kind of energy that makes you want to leap around town and just get things done. Being from Miami, I always feel the need to be productive. But I’m always just a little more inspired the minute my plane begins to make its descent over Manhattan, no matter the season.

That feeling was amplified on the eve of New York Fashion Week as hundreds of bloggers gathered in the spirit of fashion PR, ready to make a name for themselves and the brands they love. This was my first conference experience as an official blogger, a position I chose to take on seriously at the end of 2011. And while I never doubted its validity, attending IFB Con drove home one glimmering point: Fashion is a serious business.

Serious enough to gather the likes of Glamour (@susancernek), DKNY (@dkny), Refinery 29 (@refinery29), Bryan Boy (@bryanboy), and Bauble Bar (@baublebar), industry favorites that were all present to discuss and explore with bloggers the direction of this fledgling industry that’s changing the way business is run. Blogging is no longer the awkward distant cousin of direct marketing but rather the polished celebrity influencer you want in the front row – and we’re all thrilled to be a part of it.

The ladies (and gents) who attended were poised, chic, and ready to do business. They’ve inspired and encouraged me to keep doing what I do, and for that I’m utterly grateful.

Pics are included below, along with some shots of a few of my favorite outfits. You can keep up with these lovely ladies at their blogs:

By the way, check out the live runway shows here on YouTube.

What did you think of IFB Con? How did you fare from at the conference? Let me know in the comments below!



Happy Valentine’s Day

Hey, loves. Happy Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re spending it with your better half or celebrating with friends (or maybe even boycotting the whole thing), I wish you a day filled with love and beauty.

I’m feeling the love this fine day, so I’m sharing an item from one of my favorite Project Runway designers, Mondo Guerra. Though this limited edition tee will likely be gone in a blink, there are still tons of other awesome items on the site and you can get them for 20% less today by using Facebook code fb20 at checkout.



Gypsy Warrior: Boho Chic with an Edge

Silver Studded Black iPhone Case via GypsyWarrior.comIt’s good to be home. Argentina was warm, beautiful, delicious, and half a world away. I stumbled upon some great little shops and restaurants that felt like something out of a developing romantic comedy abroad. But there really is no place like home, where ordering a burger medium-rare won’t get you weird looks from the waiter at a sidewalk cafe.

I actually happened to stumble upon this little American gem on Instagram while craving some US culture in Buenos Aires (Yes, I admit it – I missed home). Gypsy Warrior (@gypsywarrior on Instagram) had posted a pic of the studded iPhone case to the left and I knew I needed to immediately give my phone some street cred.

The new shop, a collaboration of founders Nicla DiCosmo and Michel Bezoza, is an unlikely balance of boho chic and rocker edge – and it all somehow works. Aside from some instantly covet-able items like their skull cardigan or  these black studded ballet flats (both currently on my wish list), Gypsy Warrior also offers up a vintage section of not-so-ironically-inclined pieces (I need a bunny faux fur jacket in my life).

These lovely ladies are currently offering free shipping in the US and 15% off with code PARTY12 so snatch up some goodies before they’re gone (and maybe grab something for a blogger on a tiny budget?). You can also follow Gypsy Warrior on Facebook and keep up with their latest finds. Happy shopping!